How to use Viewer
'Stone Talk' has been programed by Tei Meiko 9-dan, who created the Wakaba( within 1.5 years!), best 10 of World Computer Go Championship in last year.
  >     move 1 forward
  <     move 1 backward
  |>    move 10 forward
  <|    move 10 backward
  >|    move to end 
  |<    move to initial 
 (1)    add move number
 (2)    no number
        ( final move is shown in dot mark)
 (X)    captured stones
 Reset  reset your test moves
        ( you can play on the board)
 P      pass
 SGF    you can get stone's data on the board

 This Viewer has the following feature; be able to use SGF be able to use at off-line
   3.stone number is clear and beautiful
   4.easy to operate and be able to test 
     your moves 
   5.display size is compact 

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