Story 24

Iemoto(Go family) system...

  Iemoto system(the head family of Go players) began, it is said, when San'etsu succeeded to the Honinbo family on 1630.
Four families had been gradually formed, scince recieving an anual salary from Ieyasu on 1612.
  Honinbo Sansa -> San'etsu(Honinbo II)
  Hayashi Rigen -> Hayashi Monnyu(Rigen's pupil)
  Nakamura Doseki-> Inoue Inseki(Doseki's pupil)
  Yasui Santetsu -> Yasui Sanchi(Santetsu's pupil)
Hayashi and Yasui families were not Buddhist priest, so they were descended from the family excepting thier son being too young.

  F'm..., well, show you a game against Minamisato-dono.
Tengen's opening was not a popular method at the time. At W30 state of the game, it was already not effective.

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