Story 22

Deliberation of Godokoro...
  After 10 years of Doseki's death, the deliberation of Godokoro was ordered by Iemitsu and his magistrate summoned Yasui Santetsu, Honinbo San'etsu and Inoue Inseki for considering the post.
  Santetsu, a man to be undaunted (Doseki sighed and said "I have exceedingly won the matches against him, however my life would be taken by him"), recommended himself for the post.; He offered in a modest way that although his accomplishment was far from perfect, he had years' experience.
  Then the magistrate pronounced him that he was disqualified for the post, because the strongest player should be inaugurated as it and ordered the matches to other two players.
  Inseki said "I am very sorry to be unable to vie with Honinbo San'etsu, because my teacher, Doseki, was his guardian and furthermore my teacher was Honinbo Sansa's pupil."
Then, the deliberation was interrupted and a vacant post continued to 1668.
F'm..., well, show you Masaki-dono's Game ...
His excellent operation is only brilliantly.
Masaki Shukei's personal history is unknown.

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