Story 21

Interruption of Honinbo family...

  Honinbo Sansa passed away at age 65 on 1623 leaving a will of San'etsu's bringing up to Doseki.
He said, "If San'etsu, age 13, will achieve success in Go, make him succeed to Honinbo. If not, you can decide freely."
  Doseki fostered devotedly young San'etsu being loyal to Sansa's will. When San'etsu became Jozu, Doseki asked the Shogunate for restoring the Honinbo family.
San'etsu succeeded Honinbo at age 20 on 1630 after 7-years interruption.

F'm..., well, show you 2-stones handicap Go ...

Only Dosaku had a keen sense of center management at that time. Enjoy his excellent operation of Sabaki, Moyo and attacking.
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