Story 18

Majesty's presence match...

  The matches in the presence of the Emperor to which Honinbo Sansa, Kashio Rigen, Nakamura Doseki(Sansa's pupil) and Senkaku(Sen'ya's son) were invited, were held on 1603. It was for about 700 years interval after Daigo Emperor period.
  Shogun's presence match was held in the Castle, but it was not a regularly]scheduled one in the early years of the Edo period.
  Top players of Go and Shogi received an annual hereditary salary from Shogunate in 1612.
Since then, they could devote themseves to study Go and aimed at Meijin, finally Go-dokoro.
  Lee Yaksa played Go with 3-stones handicap against Sansa,it is said, and was deeply impressed by Sansa's abilities. After he got back Korea, he sent a framed calligraphy and stones, are owned by Jyako-ji, as a token of his appreciation.

F'm..., well, show you a game against Chitetsu.
Please examine Sabaki and Furikawari in both games.

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