Story 06

About 7 years old,.....
Dosaku learned Igo from his family. Remaining go-board is made of pine tree with knot holes. Black and white stones are natural thin stones and cells from Koto-ga-hama where is famouse beach as Naki-suna(quartz sand sounds when walking).
F'm..., well, I played agaist Santetsu many times... F'm..., show you second Oshiro-Go(first time with him)...
In this game, I tried all Moku-hazushi,
and Moyo of Hen(side) by black 21 and 23.
Black 57 is vital point....
Black 147 is a ascertain move of a win.
In reference game, I tried Shimari(upper-right corner) and Komoku(lower-right corner).

This record; Dosaku06.sgf
Ref. record; Dosaku06a.sgf